A Standard Day at AFSC

A Standard Day at AFSC

A normal day begins with breakfast at 8.00am. There is always a cooked option as well as cereals, fruit juice and as much toast as your child can eat. Activities normally commence at about 9.00am, usually with a classroom briefing to explain the day’s events, rules and safety issues.

At 9.30am your child will begin the day’s activity on-site or board one of our own coaches to travel to an off-site activity. (For more information on the activities we offer see ACTIVITIES.)

Your child will be busy enjoying themselves and learning (without realising it) all day and will be supervised AT ALL TIMES. A packed lunch is eaten at a suitable point during the day and there are plenty of opportunities to have a drink or a rest or reapply sun cream etc. (Our staff are very good at insisting that children cover up in hot weather or wear enough layers in cold weather and we have included a requirement for them to do so in our Health and Safety policy.)

Your child will finish the day’s activities between 4.00 and 5.00pm and will then have their evening meal at 5.30pm.

Evening meals are tasty and nutritious with a balance between healthy options and children’s favourites. They will not eat chips, chips and more chips but equally, we will not alarm them with anything too unusual. We do not want hungry children!

There will then be some free time (again supervised) before an evening activity and bed by a suitable time – usually about 9.30pm.