The Children’s Safety

The children’s safety

Our very high standards of health and safety cover all aspects of our business.

Our domestic staff have all completed the relevant hygiene courses run by the Environmental Health Department at North Norfolk District Council and all hold the associated Food Hygiene Certificates which are displayed in the kitchen.

We comply fully with all the provisions of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

All our bedding and furniture is fire retardant to the correct standards.

The building is fully covered by CCTV cameras at several locations.

All doors have safety locks, permitting easy escape in the event of the fire but preventing any unauthorised access.

There is no statutory need for a Fire Certificate.

However, again exceeding the legal requirements, we pay for a professional fire safety organisation (Flame Skill) to check and service all our smoke detectors and fire extinguishers on a six-monthly basis. The current certificate is displayed in the Centre.

A fire drill is carried out on the first evening.

We do not operate name badges because a stranger on site would be immediately identified and dealt with.

There is no sharing of sleeping accommodation and there is therefore no possibility of anyone having access to your group during the night.

The duty manager does a final check each evening to check that all windows and doors are secure.

Our equipment is checked every year, at our request, by Norfolk County Services and maintained in accordance with their recommendations.

It is also checked before every use by our own staff and our equipment manager does a full assessment every week.

Safety talks are given to the children before each activity and signs indicate which equipment can be used by groups without AFSC supervision with rulesĀ  for safe usage posted on the equipment.