Making Your Life Easier

Making Your Life Easier

Having taken school groups away ourselves for many years, we are only too aware of the responsibilities which burden the organiser.

We cannot remove these burdens entirely as you will always be “In loco parentis”, but we do aim to take all that we can so that your pre-visit planning is infinitely easier and that, once here, you can enjoy your stay to the full.

The fact that the vast majority of our groups come back year after year shows that we succeed.  When groups arrive again each year, we are welcoming back old friends.

To lessen your pre-visit load we:

  • Offer an optional free B and B planning weekend for the group leader plus one other
  • Tailor your course content to your specific requirements
  • Provide downloadable National Curriculum links for course content
  • Send your printed course programme in advance for your approval
  • Are pre-approved by many LEAs but will happily complete the necessary forms for any LEA
  • Provide downloadable risk assessments
  • Provide individual custom made workbooks for every child, with relevant background information and worksheets
  • Can arrange transport to/from our Centre if required

During your stay we:

  • Have a maximum of two groups on site at Aylmerton, always of similar ages and always arriving on the same day (Patteson Lodge is sole use only) so that your group will not be overwhelmed by much older children or disturbed by another group’s first night excitement
  • Provide your own independent sleeping accommodation, with all bedding provided (and beds already made for you on arrival) in a securely locked building entirely for your use. You will not be disturbed by any other group.
  • Provide en-suite bathroom facilities in each dormitory so there is no excuse for the children to leave their rooms!
  • Provide leader’s rooms close to all dormitories for your peace of mind in the event of an emergency.
  • Provide your own dining room exclusively for your use. We have one set mealtime during which everyone eats together. We can safely cater for almost any dietary need.
  • At Aylmerton, there are two dedicated staff rooms, one for the exclusive use of each group, with comfortable chairs, a fridge and tea/coffee making facilities and a TV for pleasantly sociable evenings.
  • Keep the children busy with exciting outdoor activities. We provide three evening activities, if required, to minimise the down time during which misbehaviour is most likely to occur. Tired, happy children = earlier nights.



Thank you all so much for an amazing weekend. We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and watched our children grow in confidence! All the instructors have been amazingly supportive as many of us have never been on a residential before! We will definately be back!