Marshes, Dunes & Seals

Marshes, Dunes & Seals

This is a unique opportunity for your group to spend a day with our marsh experts and discover the beauty and solitude of Blakeney Point. It combines an examination of different habitats with the pleasure of being in an environment that few people are ever able to experience. It is one of our most popular days – an unmissable activity for 95 per cent of our groups.

We are the only Centre to offer this activity due to the level of experience and training required before an instructor is able to safely lead the activity. It takes at least two years before AFSC instructors are considered potentially able to lead a Blakeney day and, even then, no instructor is permitted to lead a day until their ability to do so has been formally assessed and deemed highly competent. The comfort and safety of the group depends on their ability to balance their local knowledge of tides, winds, weather systems and the area to ensure that the group gains the most from this experience.

You will wade across the estuary of the River Glaven at low tide, crossing the mud flats and examining the salt marsh environment and the wildlife it supports. The children will examine the flora and fauna of these different habitats comparing the sheer abundance of life in the marshes to the paucity of life on the shingle bank and reflect on the conflict between conservation and tourism, the problems facing the environment and pollution.

There is the potential to spot birds’ nests camouflaged on the beach and there will also be an opportunity to hunt for semi-precious stones. Common finds include quartz, agates and jasper but we have found jet and amber on occasions. A highlight is the “chill-out” when your entire group will lie silently in the marram grass, hearing nothing but the wind and the distant sound of bird song. Finally, your group will be taken on a ferry trip to see the common and grey seals at the far end of the spit. They are guaranteed to be there at any time of year and provide plenty of photo opportunities.

Marshes, Seals and Dunes

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