The Old Town

The Old Town

Cromer, described as the “Gem of the Norfolk Coast” is a small seaside town perched on the cliff top and buffeted by winds sweeping straight down from the North Pole. It is also frequently one of the sunniest places in Britain.

It is famous for its jet and particularly for its crabs. Because of its position, Cromer originally relied on the sea for fishing and trade. To this day, fishing is still a very visible industry here. However, since the coming of the railways, Cromer has owed its existence to tourism and is now a popular family holiday resort. There are many interesting places to visit in Cromer.

The new Lifeboat Museum tells the story of Cromer’s origins as a fishing village, the old lifeboat and the many disasters at sea. The recently refurbished Cromer Museum provides information on the geology of the area, a replica of a fisherman’s cottage and the story behind the development of the tourist industry.

You can visit the extraordinarily grand parish church where you can find out about the history of the town and climb the tower (the tallest in Norfolk) for a fine view across the town and out to sea.

You can also visit the pier and the lifeboat at the end of it. We also have a town trail during which you can find out more about the history of Cromer or, if required, we can arrange for you to carry out a survey of traffic, shops or people.

Cromer is ideal as a local history study with the activities being available as a full-day or half-day, depending on your requirements


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