Our Team

Our Team

Our staff are our greatest asset and are the prime reason why groups return to us year after year after year. We have an excellent team of instructors, drivers, domestic and admin staff who work together to provide the highest possible standards. We are justifiably proud of our staff.


We believe that we are unique in the extraordinarily high quality of our instructors. We differ from most other residential activity centres in two crucial areas, namely that we employ all our instructors on permanent contracts and pay them significantly more than the industry average.

We believe that the highest standards of education, enjoyment and safety can only be provided by highly trained and experienced instructors.

We do not believe that it is possible to achieve this in a short period of time and we will therefore not employ inexperienced, seasonal instructors.

Our policy has therefore always been to employ all our staff on proper, permanent contracts and, as a result, most have been with us now for many years.

Your group will NEVER be entrusted into the care of someone with less than a full year’s experience. We also believe that we should pay our staff as much as we can afford rather than as little as we can get away with. As a result, all our staff are paid well above average.