Twilight Safari

Twilight Safari

Very few children (or indeed, adults) have ever experienced the woods at night. The Twilight Safari is an excellent opportunity to do so. Assuming that there is sufficient moonlight, this event takes place without torches although these are obviously carried for emergency use, if required.

Depending on your numbers, your group may be split into smaller sub-groups, each of which will be taken into the woods at 7.30pm for approximately two hours. The groups will experience the woods at nightfall, listen to the sounds of the night, see how their eyes become accustomed to the darkness, hear true stories and play predator and prey.

The Twilight Safari is usually offered on the first night of your stay (occasionally on the second night during peak season) and is an excellent means of wearing your group out and ensuring that sleep comes somewhat more quickly than it otherwise might. It is obviously rather more exciting at those times of the year when the evenings grow darker earlier.


We offer three evening activities per visit, although some schools choose not to take all these options, as they prefer a little more free time. Other schools prefer to keep everyone as busy as possible – the choice is yours! Alternatives include:

Swimming at the Splash Leisure Pool
Owned by North Norfolk District Council, this pool is superbly well supervised. With wave machines, flumes and the heat of a tropical jungle – all our groups love their visits here.

An opportunity for the children to dress up in their best clothes and enjoy dancing to their favourite tracks. Includes a unique rendition of “It’s fun to stay at the AFSC“.

For those schools who would prefer an alterative to the disco, we offer those who have paid attention throughout the week the opportunity to win cash prizes in our entertaining quiz entitled ‘Who want to be a poundinaire?’

Twilight Safari

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