At Aylmerton, everyone eats in The School but because we have three dining rooms, you can have one (or more) just for your group and you won’t have to share it with anyone else.

There is no sharing at Patteson Lodge either because only one group at a time stays here.

The food is really good! There is a choice of food and we’ll ask you what you would like the night before. At Aylmerton, in the morning, Shirley will cook you a nice breakfast, if you want it, and you can also have cereals, juice and as much toast as you can eat.

That should keep you going until lunchtime when you will get a tasty packed lunch made by Pinkie.

While you’re out enjoying yourself, the cooks will be here making a nice three-course meal and tables are set ready for when you get back. All you have to do is clear the plates at the end of the meal and the staff will do all the rest. It’s a bit like being in a hotel!

If, after all that, you can fit any more in you can have some hot chocolate and a biscuit before you go to bed. It is all just the same at Patteson Lodge except that Ann and Tracy make the breakfasts, Ann and Tracy make the packed lunches, Ann and Tracy make the three-course evening meal and (guess who?), yes, Ann and Tracy set the tables and wash up.

They will really work hard during the week to keep you well fed. (Sometimes they work so hard that we give them a night off and give you fish and chips on the beach!)