Woodland Fun

Woodland Fun

This activity involves an examination of the woodland habitat of the National Trust estate at Felbrigg which is directly opposite our Centre.

The pupils will observe the flora and fauna of this habitat and reflect on the conflict between conservation and tourism and the problems facing the environment and pollution. In addition to the above, this activity includes bug hunts and homes, tree studies and lichens and can, if required, involve hide building.

Your group can test their eyes with our scavenger hunt and their hearing with our owl and mice game. They can discover which tree has the most insects and finally, climb inside the hollow oak and marvel at it’s size and beauty – you might be able to get your entire group in there!

A very popular part of this day is our “Un-nature Trail” in which the group passes along a path identifying any ‘un-natural’ items they see there. It is, for adults and children alike, always astonishing to discover just how little we truly notice the world around us.

This activity is an excellent means of stimulating pupil’s interest in the woodland habitat and makes an excellent contribution to a study of different habitats if combined with a visit to Blakeney and/or West Runton.

Woodland Fun

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