Alien Rescue

Alien Rescue

This activity is based on problem-solving, map-reading and six-figure grid references.

Your group will be divided into smaller ‘Crack Teams’ and given a mission to save the Aliens from their crashed space ship before the ‘Enemy’ get to them. Each team will be issued with a walkie-talkie which enables them to stay in constant touch with the ‘Field Commanders’ (our instructors) who keep updating them with the information that is needed to successfully accomplish their mission.

There is the option to experience backwoods cooking (with special ‘nutri-rations’ cooked en-route). The ‘Alien Elixir’ must be carried to cure and revive the Aliens when they are eventually found.

This is a challenging and rewarding activity and a firm favourite with all those who have tried it. It is an excellent activity for older children but, due to the complexity of the map reading, may not be suitable for Year 4 or below.

Alien Rescue

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