National Curriculum

National Curriculum

AFSC is run by teachers for teachers. We can, for example, base an entire visit on Geography, History or Science and are currently working on Mathematics however as all our courses are school specific we will design a course tailored to your needs if required.

We believe that outdoor learning provides a wider educational experience than can be defined within the narrow parameters of the national curriculum. However, we also appreciate that you need to be able to identify which specific elements of the national curriculum will be covered during your educational visit with us to facilitate both your pre- and post-visit lesson planning.

Our activities are cross-curricular in nature and focus on elements of several different subjects. To avoid a one size fits all approach, we have included only those links which are the most relevant and specific. However, should a more in-depth assessment of all possible links be required, we would be happy to provide this. Equally, we are happy to tailor any of our activities to your specified areas of the national curriculum.

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