Rock Pools, Geology & Erosion

Rock Pools, Geology & Erosion

West Runton is known throughout the world for its geology. The pupils will look at the rock formations, glacial deposits, erratics, fossils (including the site where the famous West Runton elephant was discovered) and the forest bed series. They will also look for evidence of pollution. In addition, the children will closely observe the rock pools for life forms. Great emphasis is placed on conservation and observing creatures in their natural habitat.

We will also examine the cliffs here and discuss the problems facing the community in light of the government’s current policy on sea defences. If tide conditions are favourable, the pupils will be able to try their hand at sea defences themselves in the Sea Defence Game and watch the process of erosion as their castles are eroded.

This activity can make an excellent start to your visit, if low tide falls in the afternoon but is extremely worthwhile as a half-day option at any point during your stay. For coastal erosion studies, it is particularly effective in conjunction with our Blakeney visit as the entire process of erosion and deposition can be vividly demonstrated.


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