Dear Parent

If you are reading this, the likelihood is that your child’s school is planning a residential visit to our Centre. You are probably, quite understandably, concerned about your child’s well being while they are staying with us and we sincerely hope that the following information will reassure you that he/she could not be in safer hands. However, if any questions remain unanswered please contact us – as parents ourselves we understand and can allay any concerns that you might have.


Our over-riding philosophy is quite simple. We aim to provide every child that visits Aylmerton Field Study Centre with the very best school trip of his or her entire life. We will care for your child and keep them safe, secure and happy. Your child will return to you with increased confidence and self worth and with happy memories that will last forever.

“Another excellent week in terms of experience for the children (and adults!) Memories for a lifetime.”