The Monster Trail

The Monster Trail

This activity is based around teamwork, problem-solving and map-reading.

The day begins with an introduction to the idea of being in a team. Groups will discuss the important elements that make up a successful team – communication, co-operation and encouragement. Groups are divided into smaller teams (eight to 13 children), ideally not with their “best” friends.

The morning is spent on co-operative team building activities to prepare the group for the Monster Trail (or Lord of the Rings Trail) in the afternoon. Teams must successfully defuse the bomb and get through the spider’s web, across the acid river and around the water challenge on the agility course.

After lunch, the teams will receive basic instruction in map-reading, and follow a simple map to locate clues in the woods. Each team is accompanied by a supervising adult from your party. Teams must keep a close eye out for “monsters” who hide in the woods – if they are quiet and alert they can pacify the monsters and gain their help by using the magic password. Teams who do get “zapped” may lose a life.

With clues, puzzles, cryptograms, anagrams and rewards for the successful, this is one of our most popular days. Group leaders tell us that they can actually see the children growing in confidence during this day. Many schools have even brought forward their stay with us to the start of the academic year after experiencing the positive effects of this activity on their class, so that they can reap the benefits of their pupil’s growth.

Monster Trail

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