What Should My Child Bring?

What Should My Child Bring?

Your child will not need any special clothing or equipment but we do ask that you remember that your child will be outdoors for most of each day and pack accordingly.

Your child’s school will be provided with a recommended “Kit List” but at all times please provide a waterproof jacket, comfortable walking shoes (sturdy trainers are fine) and Wellington boots as well as older clothing that you are happy for them to get muddy or wet.

Your child will also need a comfortable daypack, preferably with two thick straps. In the summer, provide plenty of sun cream and a good hat, ideally with a brim, and a water bottle.

In the winter, provide thin layers, ideally with some thermal leggings or regular tights for under trousers as well as a warm hat and gloves. Waterproof trousers are useful but not essential.

Your child will be enjoying themselves too much to need iPods, Game boys, mobile phones, etc. but please encourage them to bring a special teddy bear or similar if they would like to. Often they worry about appearing silly in front of their friends but please reassure them that everyone else will be feeling the same. (Within half an hour of arrival, every bed has a stuffed toy peeping out from under the duvet.)

And finally, please label everything if you want to guarantee its safe return.