“Long live the school trip! Here you know you’ll have fun, education, safety and care! Thank you, see you all next year.”
St James Middle School, Suffolk

Aylmerton Field Study Centre has over 19 years experience in running residential educational visits for all ages and our safety record is second to none. We believe that, regardless of any statutory requirements, we have an absolute moral duty to provide the highest possible standards of health and safety for everyone who visits us, whether child or adult, as well as for everyone who works for us.

Life jackets

We have always considered any possible risks in any of our activities and found a way to make that activity wholly safe, regardless of whether it is legally required or not. find out more

Our staff

We recognise that one of the most important factors governing the health and safety of our groups is the quality of our staff find out more

CRB checks

It is a statutory requirement that all adults working closely with children are CRB checked. However, we believe that there is the potential for these CRB checks to be less than meaningful and have therefore again exceeded the statutory requirement..Find out more

First aid cover

All our instructors are first aid trained and all carry comprehensive first aid kits. We have a First Aid Policy (see RISK ASSESSMENTS) with which all our instructors comply.find out more

Health and safety policy

We have a comprehensive Health and Safety policy with risk assessments and their controls for all the activities we offer. find out more


The Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority provides accreditation to centres providing adventurous activities.find out more


We believe that Aylmerton Field Study Centre is the only residential educational centre in the UK that operates its own coach company.find out more

LEA approved provider

We are a Norfolk County Council LEA approved provider and have been approved as a provider of residential educational visits by many other LEAs including Kent, Essex, Suffolk, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire,find out more

The children’s safety

Our very high standards of health and safety cover all aspects of our business.find out more